School rules

All children enrolled must wear our schools uniform on a daily basis as we do have a uniformed dress policy in place that helps us create positive school spirit. We ask that all parents spend scheduled volunteer time throughout the day with their child assisting the teacher in that particular classroom at least twice per year per family. Kula believes this parent teacher child time synergies the entire room and familiarizes everyone in our building with the parent creating more of a family atmosphere. For a more in depth reading of Kula’s rules, they can also be found in the parent hand book which is given to each family upon enrollment.

Kula has a creative curriculum and offers it to children ages 4 and 5 an opportunity to participate in a cyber school which uses “Little Lincoln” as an addition to the curriculum.


Kula Children’s Center is fully insured in case of any type of child injury while at the site. Kula CC also carries as an addition to the policy a vehicle hopper insurance which allows any child that is registered with Kula, coverage while being transported to and from the facility by an authorized staff member during the center hours.

State and Local Licenses

Kula Children’s Center is currently licensed to operate a child care facility in the County of Lehigh and the City of Allentown (QW-50542) The Department of Public Welfare has also granted the permission for Kula Children’s Center to legally operate a child care facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (00047922). All necessary documents have been officially filed with the proper state agencies in order for Kula Children’s Center to be recognized as a tax paying business.