Our experience with KULA Children’s Center has been nothing less than outstanding. From the first day we enrolled our son in school it has been a pleasure to see our son enjoy himself. We believe the structure of the KULA Children’s Center allows your child’s mind to be challenged and gives our child the head-start he deserves. We appreciate the staff and their caring ways.

Michael & Selena Swan

Eight and a half years ago my wife and I moved from New York City to the City of Allentown. We arrived not knowing anyone in town with many things for us to adjust to. The first was allowing someone we did not know watch our oldest child. When we met the Jackson’s we instantly noticed two things, one was that they started their business out of their home which indicated to us that were very dedicated to providing childcare, and second, which was just as important if not more than the first is their dedication to their own family.It was evident from our initial meeting with them that they valued the unity of family above all else. This gave our family peace of mind that our children were in the best hands that they could be in that wasn’t blood related, which is a piece of mind that you can’t put a price on. Since then our family has grown along with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson’s child care Center, from its birth as Kiddie U to its evolution into KULA CHILDREN’S CENTER.

Over the years the Jackson’s have meticulously assembled staff along with them striving to provide the best of child care services. They have all played an intricate part in our children’s education and development as strong and outstanding students. Every time our children are recognized for their academic achievements my wife and I always share those milestones with the Jackson’s and their staff because we know that they were there from the beginning with our children.

Our children’s achievements are KULA’S achievements! Our family and many others have benefited from the tireless efforts and countless hours of hard work the Jackson’s and the staff at KULA have dedicated to servicing not only our families but the community of the Lehigh Valley.
Juan DeLeon


My son loved the school and looked forward to going everyday!ScreenShot022



Erika B.